auction sniper review | ebay sniping software reviews

March 7th, 2009

Which is the best ebay sniper program/software? Well, you tell us, by creating and posting a review(s) about sites or software that you’ve tried.

We hope to build this site into a great resource for you newer ebay buyers looking for a reliable, easy to use auction sniper. That will happen

By you finding this site, I assume you know what ebay sniping is, but just in case, sniping is the act of waiting until the last couple seconds of an ebay auction listing before placing a bid.

The idea behind sniping is to not draw attention to the item you want to bid on. Bidding early = more attention = higher price (for the most part).

Also, if you place a bid early on ebay and then change your mind, you have to file for a bid retraction. If you schedule a snipe early and then change your mind, you can just cancel your snipe – easier to do and you don’t upset ebay or ebay sellers.

Some are going to have basic features, not enough for the serious ebay buyer. Some are going to have advanced features, too confusing for the sniping newbie.

So, the best choice for 1 bidder might not suit another.

You basically have 2 choices when sniping (actually 3, but few people would want to snipe manually):

  1. software programs – desktop-based software housed on your own computer
  2. websites that offer sniping services – obviously web-based, housed on the sites’ web server

Again, some people prefer software while others prefer web-based services.

With desktop software, you have to remember to leave your computer on and hope for no internet connection, ISP, router, and power trouble.

With web-based services, you have to submit your ebay login information to the site. Actually, you have to submit your info when using software as well, but because your info is stored on your pc, some bidders prefer software.

If you’re worried about your info being recorded and ebay account highjacked, you may want to snipe manually, because it could happen almost as easy with software as with a web-based service (if the coder programmed the software to record info into a database somewhere that it connects to from your pc.

This site is a work-in-progress, but I’m thinking that initially, snipers will be categorized into free/not free, software/web-based, simple/advanced.

I’m also thinking that a site/software has to have been functional for at least the 6 previous months for the review to be accepted/published.

Let’s see what happens – good luck with your ebay sniping!